SOSV Climate Tech Summit: Startup Innovation Challenge for Carbon Removal and CCUS

SOSV Climate Tech Summit 2023 Winner

Carbon capture startup Mantel wins the Startup Innovation Challenge for Carbon Removal and CCUS!Β 

Mantel Co-founder and CEO Cameron Halliday was declared victor of the online final pitch round, part of the two-day SOSV Climate Tech Summit.

The Process

Mantel touts itself as β€œthe material solution to carbon capture.” Their materials are designed to operate at high temperatures found inside boilers, kilns and furnaces, enabling highly efficient carbon capture using molten salts, a process not possible until now. Mantel has an aggressive plan to scale and get their solution to the market. Needless to say, time is of the essence.

Watch Halliday’s response to winning, and his thoughts on being part of the XTC process.

The final pitch round was hosted by Extreme Tech Challenge Executive Managing Director Victoria Slivkoff. And while the event took place online, founders vying for the title were not short on passion or knowledge of their industry. You could almost see the energy pouring from the screen, feel their burning ambitions to remove billions of tons of carbon from the atmosphere.


πŸŽ– Four other startup finalists, including Carbix, Carbonauten, CQuestr8 and NeoCarbon, pitched to a panel of judges and an audience of more than 200 viewers from across the globe.


⭐️ Thanks to our all-star panel of judges – Bill Tai, Andrew Gollach and Sophie Purdom – for their unwavering support and thoughtful deliberation. They asked some pretty tough questions and offered valuable insight to presenters.Β 

🌍 At XTC, our mission is to empower entrepreneurs building innovative technologies that improve the world. As we wrap up another successful startup challenge, we congratulate Mantel and all the finalists on acting on their ambitions to improve the world – make a dent – not stand idly by as the climate crisis rages on.Β 



β€œI think this is a powerful way to promote what we can do for high potential startups poised to change the world,” said Victoria.







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See the full pitch pitch session here.



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