Evaluation Criteria

Startups will be judged on each of the following 4 criteria which will be scored from 1 (low) to 10 (high):

TEAM: Team’s credential and experience

  • Is the team uniquely qualified to build this startup?
  • Do they understand their customers and their industry well?
  • Do they have the grit to carry this through?

PRODUCT/SERVICE INNOVATION: The level of innovation of the product or service

  • Is the product or service innovative?
  • Is it differentiated from competitive offerings?

PRODUCT MARKET FIT: Proof of commercial scalability and market size to support growth and profitability

  • Is there signal that customers will value the offering?
  • Is the market size large?

TECH FOR GOOD: The degree and reach of impact on human and planetary health

  • How do you measure the startups impact on people’s lives and/or the environment?
  • Will this startup improve the lives of a large number of people?
  • And/or will this startup make a deep and meaningful impact on individual lives?

Additional Supplemental & Clarifying Considerations


  • Is this a disruptive innovation that creates a new market and value network that displaces an existing industry?


  • Are the startup’s customers using or buying its product/services?
  • Is the addressable market size large enough to sustain growth and profitability?
  • Are there indicators that this product/service can scale commercially?


  • Will this startup have a wide-reaching impact on people’s lives and/or the environment?
  • Will this innovative product or service scale commercially to make a material impact on the world to improve human and planetary health?
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