The XTC Startup Competitions @ CES are back for 2023!

We’re bringing our mission to empower tech startups with a positive social and environmental impact to the global stage for innovation - at CES in Las Vegas!

Extreme Tech Startup Spotlight: DOT Inc.

The Startup Spotlight blog series continues with Dot Inc. - our 2021 XTC Co-Grand Winner. Applying tech entrepreneurship to help the visually impaired and disabled with a tactile tablet and other wonders.

Extreme Tech Startup Spotlight: Hillridge

2021 XTC co-Grand Winner - Hillridge Technology! - join us in our Startup Spotlight blog series this week. Protecting the future of farming with AI-enhanced, blockchain-protected real-time Parametric Weather Insurance platform.

Celebrating Women’s Entrepreneurship Day

The very heart of XTC is the empowerment of startups, innovators and entrepreneurs. So the mission of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day (WED) is one we enthusiastically champion: celebrating and supporting women in business worldwide.

Extreme Tech Startup Spotlight: Incooling

Cooling down the planet one server at a time. Next up in our Startup Spotlight blog series is our 2022 Enabling Tech Category Winner and Female Founder Winner - Incooling!

Extreme Tech Startup Spotlight: Abby by GoGo Tech

Next up in our new blog series is our 2022 XTC Harman Startup Challenge Winner - Abby by GoGo Tech! Versatile, affordable powered wheelchairs with companion app for everyone who has need.

The winners of the World Food Forum Startup Innovation Awards!

The World Food Forum Startup Innovation Awards, powered by XTC, is a global startup competition, showcasing innovators and entrepreneurs who are creating new technologies that will drive the transformation of agri-food systems. Find out the winners of each of the categories and also the Startup Innovator of the Year award!

Extreme Tech Startup Spotlight: Amai Proteins

In a new blog series, we will spotlight our Finalists and Winners and share their fascinating stories, ground-breaking technologies, and why they love being part of the XTC community.

Funding for XTC Alumni hits new heights in Q3

We are very proud to share the fantastic funding raised by our alumni during the third quarter of 2022!

Harman Technology & Extreme Tech Challenge Announce Startup Challenge Winners

The technologies presented by our fantastic entrepreneurs will be paving the way in the future of the metaverse, modern mobility and other experiential technologies. However, there can only be one winner of the HARMAN-XTC Startup Challenge and following a live vote from the audience we are so pleased to announce the winner is…