Samsung Climate & Circularity Tech Challenge: Top 6 Finalists

Hot off the press … announcing the Top 6 Finalists for the Samsung Climate and Circularity Tech Challenge!


Congratulations to our Top 6 Finalists in the first-ever Samsung Climate and Circularity Tech Challenge!

These founders and innovators seized the opportunity to collaborate with tech giant Samsung for the opportunity to produce the next generation of home electronics.

🚀 🚀 We applaud Samsung’s groundbreaking new environmental strategy and their commitment to improve manufacturing processes as well as the
environmental impact of their products. In fact, it’s the reason we’re collaborating on this inaugural startup competition.

Finalists will travel to San Francisco for the final pitch round in a private event on September 18, 2023. We look forward to meeting everyone there!


🎖 Without further ado, meet the finalists:


Aquasaic has engineered a patented biological solution (yeast) to clean heavy metals out of toxic wastewater such as mining waste. Aquasaic is
exploring the potential of this technology in recovering valuable metals as an alternative to mining.

Baleena is a materials engineering startup building best-in-class, next-gen filtration devices to tackle microplastic fiber pollution in the fashion supply chain, beginning first with individual consumers.

Barrow Green is developing an elastocaloric cooling technology. Invented at the Army Research Laboratory (ARL), the technology does not utilize
hydrofluorocarbons as a refrigerant, and it has the potential to be extremely energy-efficient.

Blip Energy unlocks energy equity by solving for accessibility, building a new category of smart, affordable energy storage to add millions of homes to the smart grid. It’s a hybrid hardware/software solution for energy management that works in any home without barriers around permitting and installation.

Camfridge has developed a solid-state cooling technology that’s cost- competitive, cheaper to operate, free of refrigerant-gas, largely circularly
recyclable and energy-efficient.

River Otter Renewables has developed the River Otter Reactor, affectionally known as ROR. It is a radical, new technology which reduces waste headed for landfills, makes renewable fuels and cleans “toxic forever” chemicals, also known as PFAS chemicals, out of our process water. ROR is the only technology available for destroying, not filtering, PFAS chemicals in water or wet waste.


👏 👏 Give it up for our rock star evaluators!

🎤 Thank you for your time and insights in selecting the Top 6 finalists for the Samsung Climate and Circularity Tech Challenge.


Jonathan “JC” Charles – Investment Director, Samsung Catalyst Fund
Dongsik Choi – GHG, ETS Management, Samsung Electronics
Jinyong Chung – C-Lab, Samsung Electronics
Joonsung Chung – IoT EU Business Development Lead, Samsung Electronics
Adry Elmilady – Investment Principal, Samsung Catalyst Fund
Leo Guyshan – Director, Programs & Engagement, Harvard Innovation Labs
Dede Goldschmidt – VP & Managing Director, Samsung Catalyst Fund
Brian Hollins – Founder & Managing Partner, Collide Capital
Austin Hwang – Principal, Strategic Investments & Venture Partnerships at Honda Xcelerator Ventures, Honda Innovations
Yong Seuk “Peter” Kwon – Senior Professional, Corporate Sustainability Center, Samsung Electronics
Bongjae Lee – Circular Economy Lab, Samsung Electronics
Daniel Seo – Investment Manager, 3M


So what’s next?

🚀 September 13, 2023: Life Sciences Startup Competition at TechBBQ 2023 in Copenhagen, Denmark

🚀 September 18, 2023: Samsung Climate & Circularity Tech Challenge (private event), San Francisco, US

🚀 September 26, 2023: SOSV Climate Tech Summit (live pitch event) & September 27 (winner announcement), virtual event

🚀 October 18, 2023: UN World Food Forum Agtech & Foodtech Startup Innovation Awards, Rome, Italy


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