Extreme Tech Challenge and Cadence Foundation Join Forces to Accelerate Climate Tech Solutions



The Deep Tech Climate Innovations Challenge, powered by design innovation champions Cadence Foundation of Cadence Design Systems, aims to make a significant step forward in the quest for sustainable solutions to environmental challenges. In response to the overwhelming success and buzz generated by our last startup competition focused on Climate and Circularity Tech, we are excited to announce the continuation of our efforts in this field. This new challenge is designed to create more opportunities for climate change innovators and connect these visionaries to our amazing partner, furthering their impact in the fight against climate change.

Young Sohn, Founding Managing Partner of Walden Catalyst Ventures, Chairman of the Board at HARMAN International), and Co-Founder of Extreme Tech Challenge, remarked on the significance of this alliance: “In the dynamic landscape of deep tech, we need deep technologies to accelerate innovations to give us non linear,  exponential improvements in our climate issues. As a fervent advocate of groundbreaking ventures and a committed deep tech investor, I am in perpetual exploration of transformative innovations. Collaborating with Cadence, our aims are to accelerate the process of bridging the gap between investors and climate tech innovators, champion inclusion, and unleash the potential of visionary entrepreneurs.” 

Nicole Johnson, President, Cadence Giving Foundation, conveyed her enthusiasm about the partnership: “Cadence is excited to support the acceleration of innovations that are working to make a greener and more sustainable planet. We believe that technology has the ability to drive significant and positive change, and look forward to seeing the new ways deep tech is being utilized in this space. We are grateful to XTC for bringing leading innovators to this competition, and anticipate great outcomes with these new technologies.” 


The Challenge: 

In Extreme Tech Challenge’s endeavor to amplify the impact of this generation’s forward-thinking innovators, entrepreneurs, and founders toward effecting real change in our world and climate, we have forged a strategic alliance with Cadence Design Systems, a renowned leader in EDA and Intelligent System Design solutions. Their technologies address and resolve today’s most pressing design challenges. 

Our Deep Tech Climate Innovations Challenge is poised to answer the profound questions that concern our environment: what solutions will improve the state of our climate for the better, and do so sustainably? 

We’re actively searching for global startups, at all stages, to take part in this competition. See our Evaluation Criteria


🤝 The Cadence Giving Foundation & Extreme Tech Challenge:

Partnering with Cadence opens up new avenues for us at Extreme Tech Challenge to advance our mission. We are dedicated to championing, engaging with, and showcasing groundbreaking ideas and innovations which have the power to transform lives and make a deep impact.

As a not-for-profit organization, our most significant advantage lies in facilitating connections between startups with industry leaders. These leaders provide priceless inspiration, guidance, insight, and coaching to founders dedicated to nurturing their ideas. Our collaborations span across all tech verticals, each unique in its focus, region, and approach to the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

Check out what some of our alumni have gone on to do after participating in the Extreme Tech Challenge

Technology serves a pivotal role in addressing the immense global challenges that we currently face. Envision the potential impact if we could unite every innovative mind, creator, scientist, designer, and change-maker worldwide. How monumental could that impact be? 

The changes we implement now will reverberate through the generations, and technological innovation is at the heart of this transformation. It is the driving force behind our mission.

Watch Cameron Halliday, Co-founder & CEO of Mantel, share the reach of his achievements since joining our most recent challenge focused on Carbon Capture and CCUS.   

The Cadence Giving Foundation brings innovation, technical expertise, and philanthropy together to positively impact our world. Their mission entails providing critical assistance for pressing needs in global communities, particularly in areas such as diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), climate and sustainability, and access to STEM education. 

Inclusivity and empowerment for marginalized and underrepresented within the tech sector, with a focus on education and social justice, aligns with our commitment to foster equity and support these groups to thrive. The Cadence Foundation actively pursues this mission through charitable giving initiatives aimed at broadening access and opportunities for underserved communities. 

By advocating for comprehensive education for young people and expanding their horizons in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), we come full circle to our primary focus areas: 

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
🧪 STEM education 
⛰️ Climate & Sustainability 

Cadence and Extreme Tech Challenge are united in developing the opportunities, education, and platforms necessary to harness the resources to protect our planet and create a more sustainable world. 


🌍 Enter: The Deep Tech Innovations to drive Climate Change Solutions Startup Challenge, 2023! 

Our aims always remain the same: to solve the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. This challenge particularly focuses on Climate Change Solutions, and culminates at a networking event at CES® 2024, the global stage for innovation, in Las Vegas, Nevada on January 10, 2024. The Cadence-XTC hosted event promised to inspire, educate, and facilitate connections to drive innovation that can change the world. This event embodies the spirit of Extreme Tech Challenge as the world’s largest ecosystem for startup innovation and provides an unparalleled opportunity to part of a global movement toward a more connected, sustainable, brighter future.


The Timeline: 

🖊️ Applications open: November 6, 2023

🖊️ Applications close: November 27, 2023

📅 Evaluators will select the Finalists: December 12, 2023

📅 Finalists announcement: December 13, 2023 

🌍 Winner Announcement: January 10, 2024 

🌍 Location: CES® 2024, Las Vegas, NV


CES® 2024 

CES® is the annual epicenter of the world’s most influential tech corporates, investors, media, startups, scaleups, and stakeholders. This one-of-a-kind event offers a myriad of opportunities, from on-site experiences, events, thought leadership, and partnerships. Influential VCs, innovators, entrepreneurs, and forward-thinkers will converge in one arena, where the brightest minds will network and exchange cutting-edge ideas. Industry titans will explore groundbreaking technological exhibitions and gain insights from visionaries who are shaping the future of climate tech.


Reasons to apply: 

As if there was not enough incentive, participating startups also unlock access to:

🤝 Access to corporate executives 

🌐 Global Visibility 

🌍 Potential for corporate strategic partnerships


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