Extreme Tech Challenge is sharing the behind-the-scenes history and raison d’être, with a brand-new documentary!

Extreme Tech Challenge: The World’s Biggest Startup Competition

As we venture into new territories, we couldn’t wait to share with you the debut of our story in the form of a mini documentary.

The documentary showcases the narrative of our Founders, Young Sohn and Bill Tai and Executive Managing Director, Victoria Slivkoff, who together have inspired astronomical changes through the Extreme Tech Challenge, amplifying the work of global entrepreneurs and startups across multiple tech verticals.

Our mission; to empower entrepreneurs building innovative technologies that improve the world, is underpinned by four pillars of opportunity for startups and entrepreneurs:

The 4 Pillars:

🏛️ Access to investors & partners
🏛️ Global visibility
🏛️ Strategic connections
🏛️ World-class mentorship 

The ultimate goal of Extreme Tech Challenge is to identify potential market-leading companies that can impact the world in a big way and provide the rocket fuel to help them scale faster. Our new documentary tells the story of how its Founders initiated this platform.

Young Sohn recognised the impact of the film:

“It felt important for this documentary to change the narrative within and outside the Asian-American community. I am grateful that my story can serve as an example of who leaders can be. My mother told me Asians are Engineers; white men are the managers. It just shows how much cultural and societal bias we have.”

Bill Tai added:

“It is wonderful to see the ‘great unlocking’ happening more and more and the documentation of these ‘it’s OK to be different’ journeys that highlight some of the greatest products and companies in the world, driven by others of Asian ancestry.”

This documentary, as described by Executive Managing Director Victoria Slivkoff, positions “Bill and Young’s journey as an inspiration for our community”, in providing the necessary cultural representation to aspiring innovators and creators.

When Bill dropped out of Princeton, bypassed Harvard, and drove to California to work for a startup, his father told him he didn’t know what he was doing. These two visionaries care most to show people that innovative ideas can come from anywhere, and there are no boundaries–something they’ve both proven with their achievements, and in the platform they have since created to welcome more entrepreneurs to the stage.

We would like to thank everyone involved for their fantastic work in bringing this vision to fruition, and extend our appreciation to the EST Media team, and our Marketing team at Beep! Digital.


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