2020 Global Finalists

Startups come from 80 countries for the chance to pitch at XTC. Although they have different homes and backgrounds, there is one thing in common: Their innovations could make the world a better place
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Elucidata’s mission is to break barriers to using biomedical data to discover better drugs, faster. We want to create a future in which data and information transform and accelerate biomedical discovery and improve health and health care. A critical element of this future creation, we believe, is to make more biomedical data/computational tools/protocols findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable. We will enable the invention of tools and services to turn this F.A.I.R. data and information into knowledge and insight. Polly, our AI-enabled cloud-based platform provides teams with access to structured biomedical data in a ready-to-use form to generate actionable insights.

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